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We believe whatever you wear should reflect your passion. You can express yourself and jazz up your confidence with inspirational apparel that suits your mood and interests.

That's why we started STYLELYTS, giving you the confidence to express your individuality. We create inspirational clothes, accessories, and more. We are inspired by nature, good old days, and anything that is fun and enjoyable.

If you love your pets, music, nature, sports, whatever you name it, we got outfits to reflect your passion for it.


If you couldn't find your interest, don't feel lonely. Tell us your passion, and we'll put your request into our design team's TODO list and will let you know the moment we make it available for you and like-minded people. Make a request here.


STYLELYTS, a palindrome, pronounced as style-lights, literally meant to emphasise the reflection of (your) STYLE.


We take pride in all our products we make at STYLELYTS and choose to source from suppliers cautious about the environment.

For example, most of our T-shirts are dyed with eco-friendly dyes using seven times less water than the industry average. Also, they are dyed and cut in Los Angles, California, to ensure the best quality.

We ship all orders from our distribution centres located in Mexico, North Carolina, USA and Latvia in Europe depending on the stock availability and proximity.